The philosophies (design concepts) of
the Okumura Commemorative Museum

With “Solid Management” and “Trustworthy Construction” as mottos, Okumura Corporation has always strived to be a well-balanced general contractor. It is our honor to introduce the five philosophies or design concepts put into the construction of the Okumura Commemorative Museum at our landmark centennial anniversary.


Harmony with the cityscape of ancient Nara

The exterior appearance and design blend with the surrounding atmosphere of the city

With Japanese roof tiles, burnt cedar siding and latticework applied, the exterior appearance is respectable in its location in Kasugayama Historical Reservation Area and blends with the surrounding cityscape of ancient Nara. The museum also maintains the continuity of the cityscape by matching the position of the siding and the height of the eaves with the neighboring buildings.
Application of Japanese traditional materials like wood, Japanese roof tiles, stucco and stone, together with modern materials like concrete, glass and stainless steel symbolizes the centennial history of Okumura Corporation. Exposed concrete finishing with cedar panel grain transferred onto it shows the tenderness of Japanese taste.
The spaces are simply designed, respecting the textures of the materials, and industrial appliances like lighting and air conditioners are designed to be discreet and not harm the expression of Japanese taste.


Commitment to Japanese image

Simple spaces designed to respect the natural textures of the materials


Commemorating the founder

The museum offers a scenic view that Tahei Okumura enjoyed.

The founder, Tahei Okumura, was fond of being on the rooftop of the former Nara Office warehouse, where he overlooked the beautiful scenery of Todaiji Temple and Kasugayama Mountain. Here he found peace and often spent time in his thoughts.
Honoring the memory of Tahei, we have set up a viewing deck exactly where the former Nara Office warehouse rooftop was.
Roof truss beams, Japanese roof tiles, garden stones, wash basins and stone lanterns are either repurposed or reused. An old cherry tree on the premises remains, without being replanted.
Okumura Corporation’s specialty, a Seismic Isolation System, is installed.
With the hope of having many people learn about our seismic isolation technology, which protects our lives from major earthquakes, we have set up a “Seismic Isolation System Observation Area” where you can observe a real seismic isolation device (high damping rubber bearings and elastic sliding bearings) which usually cannot be seen as it is buried underground.


Installation of
a Seismic Isolation System

We wish to introduce our Seismic Isolation System to as many people as possible.


From the Present to the Past
(from South to North)

Spatial composition for experiencing the course of time

On the south side of the museum you can observe the modern technology of seismic isolation devices in the observation area, and on the north side you can overlook the ancient scenery of Nandai-mon (Great South Gate) and Daibutsu-den (Great Buddha Temple) of Todaiji Temple.
The spatial composition is designed according to the idea of experiencing a trip back in time from the south side to the north side. The entire premises are designed for you to circulate through the space from the present to the past (from south to north) and vice versa.
Both the south and the north sides of the building have glass walls so that the exterior and the interior are united to compose continuity of time and to create a broad visual expanse inside the Museum.


Technologies Incorporated
in the Okumura Commemorative Museum

In this museum, Okumura Corporation has put forth all the technologies accumulated in its centennial history.


Museum Information


The museum commands a grand view of the surrounding nature flowing with the spirit of the ancient history of Nara, and offers relaxing space with Japanese taste. You are welcome to use the well-equipped Museum as a resting spot while strolling around Nara.


This museum exhibits Okumura Corporation’s history and its technologies which have progressed through the eras. You can get up-close experience with the Okumura Corporation technologies that support your lifestyle.


Floor Guide

Floor Guide Floor Guide

Viewing Deck

Viewing Deck

From the Viewing Deck, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Nara, blessed with its ancient history and rich natural environment, such as Wakakusayama Mountain, Todaiji Temple and Kasugayama Primeval Forest.

Resting Area

Resting Space

The Resting Space extending from the entrance offers a calm atmosphere. Please enjoy a relaxing time while looking out at the patio.

History of Okumura Corporation

History of
Okumura Corporation

You can learn about Okumura Corporation’s long history of more than a century on a touch screen.

Technology Display Area

Technology Display Area

Unique technologies of Okumura Corporation accumulated in its long history, such as its “Seismic Isolation System” and “Shield Tunneling Method,” are displayed here.

Earthquake and Seismic Isolation Experience Simulator

Earthquake and Seismic
Isolation Experience

With the simulator, you can experience recreations of the shaking of actual major earthquakes from the past based on their seismic data, and feel the effects of seismic isolation against the shaking.

Seismic Isolation System Observation Area

Seismic Isolation System
Observation Space

The Seismic Isolation System reduces the shock wave of an earthquake to a slow and mild shaking. You can observe the actual Seismic Isolation System composed of rubber bearings and other equipment which supports the museum underground.



+81-742-26-5112 (FAX: +81-742-26-5113)
4 Kasugano-cho, Nara 630-8212 Japan
Open Hours
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Days Closed
Every Monday
(if a holiday, closed the next day;
if part of consecutive holidays,
closed the first day after)
Year-end/New Year holidays

∙10-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station

Take City Loop Bus from JR Nara Station or Kintetsu Nara Station (outer loop) and get off at “Himuro Shrine/Nara National Museum” Bus Stop.



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