Okumura Corporation

About UsCorporate Code of Behavior

01 Legal Compliance
Thorough measures shall be taken to comply with all laws and regulations, while the practice of all corporate activities shall be founded in generally accepted social mores.
02 Coping with the Needs of Society
The needs of society shall be addressed through promotion of streamlining, technical development and other steps to raise productivity, in striving to supply fine quality construction products.
03 Promotion of Fair Competition
Fair and free competition shall be promoted, while maintaining sound and open relations with political and government sectors.
04 Disclosure of Corporate Information
Wide-ranging communications shall be maintained with the public, including the disclosure of fully accurate corporate information with full accuracy.
05 Environmental Approaches
Steps shall be taken to create a more eco-friendly environment, along with energetic approaches aimed at its preservation and restoration of the environment.
06 Social Contributions
Efforts shall be made to establish and maintain positive relations with the regional community, in contributing to the building of an affluent society.
07 Human Respect
A safe and motivating work environment shall be maintained, while working to foster a corporate culture rooted in the importance of individuality and creativity.
08 Rejection of Ties with Antisocial Elements
Absolutely no ties shall be tolerated with antisocial elements or groups capable of menacing the order or the safety of civil society.
09 Contributions to the Global Community
Overseas operations shall comply with local laws and regulations, while showing respect for the culture and customs of the local areas in striving to contribute to fruitful regional development.
10 Role of Top Management
Top managers shall be aware of the role they must play in realizing the spirit of this Code of Behavior, and take the initiative and set good examples in the quest for thorough application of corporate ethics.
In the case of events in violation of this Code of Behavior, top managers shall adopt a policy of problem resolution through their own efforts, striving to clarify the causes, prevent recurrence and disclose related information in prompt and precise fashion.