Okumura Corporation

Information Security Policy

While the advance of network societies contributes to the efficiency improvement of business activities, it incurs the growing risk of personal information leak. Information security, therefore, has become a critical issue for companies.

Okumura Corporation (the Corporation) makes efforts to implement the following policies to protect customers' information and corporate information assets (information and information system) from the threat of information missing, stealing, destruction or unauthorized access.

Position of Information Security
1. The Corporation regards information security as a part of our compliance activities, and complies with all laws and regulations, government-mandated guidelines, and other norms relating to information security.
Information Security System
2. The Corporation designates a responsible person for information security in each division, gives the person responsibility and authority for the crystallization of information security policy, and secures the steady implementation of information security.
Establishment of Information Security Rules
3. The Corporation establishes in-house rules relating to information security in accordance with this policy.
Information Asset Management
4. In order to secure the information asset protection, the Corporation conducts appropriate security practices and ensures the information asset safety.
Information System Management
5. For the stable operation of the information system, the Corporation conducts appropriate security practices and ensures the confidentiality, faultlessness and availability of the information system.
Information Security Education
6. The Corporation conducts lectures and seminars for executives and staff to improve their awareness and technology of information security.
Accident Prevention and Response
7. The Corporation takes all possible measures to prevent information security accidents. If any accident should happen, the Corporation swiftly takes appropriate measures, including recurrence prevention measures.
Continual Improvement of Information Security Management
8. The Corporation continually reviews and works to improve the implementation of these policies.

Takanori Okumura
President and Representative Director
Okumura Corporation