Okumura Corporation


  • Civil Engineering Technology

    Okumura Corporation utilizes the technology and know-how it has acquired thus far to actively engage in a variety of businesses, such as national land development, with a focus on improving social infrastructure; disaster recovery and reconstruction work; disaster prevention and reduction work to improve national resilience; and maintenance and renewal work to counter deterioration of infrastructure.

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  • Building Technology

    Okumura Corporation precisely grasps the requirements of multiple types of buildings such as offices and government buildings, stores, warehouses and logistics facilities. The company has a proven track record underpinned by its solid technical and solution-generating capabilities, and uses this to provide safe and functional spaces, while also making active efforts to effectively use environmentally friendly buildings.

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  • Environmental Technology

    Okumura Corporation is involved in various activities aimed at creating and sustaining an environment that is friendly to both people and the planet. The company’s efforts are not limited to environmental protection and the development of restoration technology, but also extend to technological developments that aid in creating new environments and a recycling-based society.

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