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Seismic Isolation System

Seismic Isolation Systems involve installing seismic isolation devices between a building and a base for the building so it can sway moderately during a severe earthquake. This system reduces seismic damage not only to the building itself but protects lives and property in the building and improves its sustainability after the severe earthquake.
Okumura built Japan's first base-isolated building in Japan (the administrative building of Okumura Corporation Technical Research Institute) in 1986. As a pioneer in the field, the company went on to accumulate an array of expertise, and can now propose the optimal seismic isolation systems to clients.

Seismic Isolated Platform and Exhibition Case to Protect Cultural Properties

  • An Example of
    a Seismic Isolated Exhibition Case
  • Shaking Experiment with
    a Seismic Isolated Exhibition Case

In museums and art museums, exhibited precious art works and crafts can fall and be damaged by an earthquake even if the building itself is hardly damaged. Okumura Corporation developed the Seismic Isolated Platform, applying its original Cosine Rail System to prevent precious items from earthquake damage. This system is applied to museums, art museums and lighting systems of lighthouses, and the 9th JSSI (Japan Society of Seismic Isolation) Award's Technical Award, was awarded to this system.

Active Noise Control System

  • Noise Control System applied to a Backhoe
  • Equipment used in the Active Noise Control System

As it is difficult to control low-frequency sound generated from construction machines or industrial machines with general solutions like using acoustic panels, our Noise Control System, which generates sound to cancel noise, is an effective means of doing so. Traditional technology was not effective with fluctuating frequencies from the operating noise of construction machines. However, the Okumura Corporation-developed Noise Control System monitors the frequency characteristics of noises, cancels them, performs automatic adjustment of the sound, and can lower low-frequency sound generated from various machines.