Okumura Corporation

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Okumura's platform of action has now expanded to the world.
Our work is not limited only to provide technology, but also become more comprehensive involving our participation from the planning stage such as the set up of development plans and business concepts.
We are confident that these are all due to Okumura's technical capabilities and our theme of symbiosis of human and nature being valued by our clients.As well as accumulating achievements in various countries, we will strive in creating a richer environment by actively getting involved in joint ventures with foreign firms in responding to the demands of the world in the future.


Cairo, Egypt Sewer tunnel

Design of slurry shield machines
Technical assistance for tunnelling

Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway

Contract 303 &410

Sarawak Malaysia Batang Ai Hydroelectric Power Plant

Contract C1, C2 & C3

Perth, Australia Sewer tunnel

Export of Super Mini shield machine
Technical assistance for tunnelling

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Condominium, Wili Wili Vista

Chicago, USA Office for Komori America Corporation

California St, USA WOOZ Amusement Park

Mexico City, Mexico

Export of slurry shield machines
Technical assistance for tunnelling